Kickstart Challenge Thoughts!

Kickstart Challenge Thoughts!

When I started down the path of wls I started out that I was going to change my life, my diet, my everything. I was very successful I lost over 50kg in 4 months. I was on a high protein eating plan. I abstained from alcohol, I did everything that most dieticians would agree with. By 12 months I had a tummy tuck and went on to eventually lose over 110kg. Then I joined a support page. I realised that I could eat what I always had just in smaller amounts. This was a fantastic revelation I didn’t have to limit myself. Just a year later I realised that I had put weight on.

So what happened!

In Many Australian forums we tend to take the path of not wanting to be offensive, we know how much damage it does to people who are overweight and we don’t want to cause more hurt, this is something that I hold dear. We have all suffered enough abuse to last several lifetimes. However I need to share this, and I ask that you all take this as my personal belief and that I share this out of caring for you.

When we take the attitude that I can eat anything in smaller amounts what we are saying is that my style of eating was ok I just needed less. In very few cases this is actually true. For those of us with massive bmi we didn’t get there by eating too much healthy food. When we take the attitude of just eating less many of us are still eating crap nutritionally deficient food. At the start this will help us lose weight but over time as our new pouches relax to allow more food in after a life time of filling our bellies we continue with that habit and start eating more sudden we have added a few more chips or a slice of garlic bread, some snacks and some treats. Let me say this you are not an animal and you don’t need a treat to say you have done a good job. By all means if you want it have it but realise that there may be consequences for that. Like someone quitting smoking can relapse by just having ‘one smoke’. If you are a person who was addicted to certain foods you need to ask yourself if you can stop at just a few whatever’s or is it going to become a daily habit ‘just less’. The issue is that our pouches may not stretch but high calorie foods are still high calorie and you can put weight on by even drinking the calories.

We have all heard the story of the person who blended their happy meal. I am not advocating shaming people when they share the food they are having because this is a personal journey. However something coming out of the kickstart challenge is people realising the bad habits that have slipped in. Now I know I will get the response ‘are you saying I can never....’. I’m not saying that either. I am saying that we need to know who we are and what will work for you. Because even having a revision may not be long term successful if we don’t change. My hope is to help even one person understand that long term success is possible with the right changes.

Much love Damo

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