Who and What

Who and What

In 2017 about 22,000 Australians had weight loss surgery for the first time, by 2018 it was expected that 25,000 Aussie’s would go under the knife.

While the rates of people seeking surgery grows every year with 1.4 million meeting the criteria, the support given to these people is not keeping up with demand.
At BSA it is our vision to provide peer based support for all Australians undergoing bariatric weight loss surgery. We hope to bring up to date information on best practice for pre and post op procedures, and to be able to petition the relevant departments to release a better more accurate minimum standard of care for all Australians.

Our website and its corresponding social media pages are our link to the many Australians and their support people who are beginning and or continuing their surgical weight loss journey.
Feel free to venture over and join our growing facebook community, you can find it here.

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